Smoothing, Waving & Retexturizing

Smoothing, Waving & Retexturizing

Voluminous curls, soft waves or silky smooth - it’s up to you. We offer the latest technology to give you the look you prefer. A consultation fee of $15 will apply for select color services and all first-time guests receiving color, perm or smoothing services.  The $15 consultation fee will be credited toward your next hair care service. Pricing for some services depends upon hair length. Deposits are required for services reserved for 3+ hours. 



Our Aveda system of perming is an organic chemical process that leaves hair healthy and shiny with resilient long-lasting voluminous waves or soft curls. Pricing depends upon consultation and hair length.




partial permanent wave




full permanent wave




specialty wraps

(spiral, Gemini, piggyback, etc.)


Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Spending too much time flat-ironing frizzies after blow-drying? Reduce your styling time with one of our two Keratin Treatments. Both Treatments provide temporary smoothing of the hair’s texture. While many professional Keratin products claim that they do not contain formaldehyde, many still produce and emit formaldehyde during the service. At Ginger Bay we value your health and the environment. We have selected two Keratin Smoothing Treatments that do not contain or produce formaldehyde. 



These services require a consultation. A consultation fee of $15 will apply for select color services and for all first-time guests receiving color, perm or straightening services. The $15 consultation fee will be credited toward your next hair care service.




cezanne keratin smoothing treatment

Our transformational, long-lasting and safe smoothing treatment brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition using vitamins and natural extracts. Reduces frizz and delivers straighter, smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair. The treatment can last for months* and can be used on any hair type and texture including African-American hair, colored, bleached or highlighted hair and even over other chemical treatments such as Japanese straighteners and relaxers. The full treatment includes a full-size recommended shampoo & conditioner. After receiving Cezanne Services, guests do not have to wait to wash hair, workout or pull hair back in a ponytail.* (3 hours)




cezanne keratin smoothing express

The express version of the smoothing treatment results in smoother, straighter, shinier, frizz-free hair, while reducing daily styling time and increasing manageability. This treatment also keeps newly-colored hair looking and feeling great between salon visits. Go from the salon straight to the pool with no wait time after this treatment. This treatment delivers an exquisite result that will last 4 to 6 weeks.* (90 minutes)




peter coppola nano complex treatment

This protein-based treatment retexturizes hair using a unique blend of nano-complex amino acids, natural polymers and pure 24K nano gold molecules to retexturize, straighten and condition, giving your hair a shinier and smoother appearance. This treatment has been shown to leave hair in superior condition and release curls by up to 70%! The Nano Complex Treatment also grows naturally with no line of demarcation and lasts approximately three months on chemically-treated hair and 2 months on virgin hair. The best part about this treatment is that unlike many others, it is free of formaldehyde, aldehyde, thio, sodium hydroxide, cysteine, carcinogens, lye and ether commonly found in the most popular retexturizers. The full treatment includes a full-size recommended shampoo & conditioner. (2+ hours)


After receiving this service, guests must wait a full 24-48 hours before washing or coloring hair or pulling hair back in a clip or ponytail.*


 *Results will vary depending upon hair type, texture and maintenance routine. We cannot provide this service on henna treated hair. These services require a consultation before scheduling. Guests receiving texturizing services will receive a full consultation with pre and post-service instructions and will be expected to sign a release acknowledging all of the risks and care instructions associated with receiving these services. *  


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