Keratherapy for Smooth, Healthy Hair


Hair damage, humidity, and even genetics can play a role in how smooth our hair is. For many of us, frizzy hair is inconvenient and time consuming to deal with, requiring us to use a lot of products and tools to tame our mane. Aside from the amount of time we spend fighting the frizz, a lot of smoothing products contain harmful ingredients that not only damage the hair but can be bad for your overall health. 

If you are finding yourself losing the battle against frizz, don't fret! Smoothing services offer hope for those with even the most unruly and resistant hair, read on to learn more about how Keratherapy can give you the smooth, gorgeous locks you desire!

Keratherapy Extreme Renewal Crème de Cocoa. Anyone with naturally coarse, unruly hair has likely experienced the struggle of hair versus straightening tools! It doesn't seem to matter how much anti-frizz product or how many times we straighten, those runaway frizzies still pop up, this is where Keratherapy Extreme Renewal saves the day (or months!). 

Relax in comfort and enjoy the intoxicating aroma of cacao seed butter as it nourishes and protects your hair from future damage. During this process, wheat and rice proteins get to work repairing damaged locks, leaving the hair smoother, healthier, and with less rogue frizz. Finally, collagen-rich amino acids increase the strength and elasticity of the strands. Stop wasting time wrestling with unruly hair, this 90-minute Keratherapy appointment will give you smoother, shinier, more manageable hair for up to four months!

Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus. Here at Ginger Bay, we pride ourselves on respecting the health of our clients, ourselves, and the environment and that is why we offer zero-formaldehyde Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus. You can relax knowing this process will cause zero permanent structural change to your hair. Macadamia and argan oils work to rebuild and nourish strands from the inside out. This 90+-minute procedure will leave your hair naturally healthy for up to three months! 

We know life gets busy and sometimes it can be hard to find 90+ free minutes in a day, that is where Keratherapy Express Pure Renewal Plus comes in! Spend as little as 60 minutes relaxing as the tamanu and argan oils mingle with jojoba and rosemary extract, leaving hair with a silky, shiny, healthy appearance for up to six weeks!  

Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth. This blend of argan and olive oils along with vitamin-E can be a stand-alone service or addition to any cut or color service! Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth locks color in, preventing fading and promotes healthier, faster drying time. Less blow drying means less frizz! Add this service to your next cut or color service and enjoy smooth, low-maintenance hair for up to six weeks!  

Are you tired of losing the fight against frizz? Our experienced staff at Ginger Bay Salon and Spa are excited to meet with you and help you achieve smooth, shiny, healthy hair with one of our many Keratherapy options! Call or text today to make an appointment at either of our locations in Kirkwood (314.966.0655) or Town & Country (636.333.1800). If you prefer, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon



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