Massage Treatments from Ginger Bay

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Are you feeling the stress of the holiday season? Whether it's work, family, or other obligations, stress tends to accumulate in our muscles, leaving us feeling tired and sore. It can be difficult to find time to really care for our minds and bodies but total wellness is important to overall health and our professional massage therapists are here to help! Read on to learn more about a variety of massage treatments to help you relax and destress going into 2020.

Aveda Aroma Massages. Through a thorough consultation with one of our professional massage therapists, a personalized combination of Aveda aromas are used along with massage therapies and warm Mother Earth pillows for a totally relaxing and pampering experience!

Swedish. Swedish therapy is one of the most common types of massage therapy and for good reason! This style of massage releases muscle tension through soft, kneading movements, rhythmic tapping strokes, and joint movements, leaving you feeling relaxed and reenergized!

Deep Tissue. While the Swedish massage focuses on more superficial layers of the muscles, this style targets deeper in the muscles and soft tissues. Your massage therapist will use direct pressure to relax the outermost muscle tissue before working their way deeper, helping alleviate chronic aches and pain.

Specialty Massages

Pregnancy Massage. Women's bodies go through a tremendous change throughout pregnancy and this specialty massage helps ease many symptoms that accompany those changes. Customized techniques increase energy, improve circulation, and reduce joint stress from pregnancy weight from 12-weeks of gestation on for those without a high-risk pregnancy.

Tandem Massage. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience as two massage therapists work in tandem, blending massage techniques in rhythmic synchronicity. Tandem massages can be experienced in the Lomi Lomi or traditional Hawaiian style, too!

Lastone Thermotherapy. Heated, oiled stones are used with the Swedish technique to massage deeply into muscles and tissues while cooled marble stones revitalize and improve circulation. Lastone Thermotherapy is a massage experience unlike any other!

Enhancements Ginger Bay offers the following massage enhancements to create a uniquely perfect experience for you!

  • Stone treatment

  • Stress-fix back treatment

  • Heel Glaze treatment

  • Body Brushing treatment

  • Balancing Leg Refresher treatment

  • Organic Hydrating hand/feet treatment

  • Aveda Aroma scalp massage

Enter the new year relaxed and revitalized with one of our customizable massage therapies, call today to book your appointment! Our experienced staff at Ginger Bay Salon and Spa are ready to create the perfect massage treatment for you! Call or text today to make an appointment at either of our locations in Kirkwood (314.966.0655) or Town & Country (636.333.1800). If you prefer, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app. It’s available for free from iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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