Style Ideas for Transitioning Hair

Woman curling her hairWe know there are few greater feelings than leaving the salon looking and feeling your best. Unfortunately, as self-quarantine continues, we may be getting anxious about transitioning cuts or outgrown roots. Put down the scissors and steer clear of the dye aisle with these summer hairstyles that are sure to get you through to your next appointment!

Outgrown Roots
Deep Side-Part.A deep side-part, volumized roots, and subtle waves are a great way to hide new regrowth. This style is simple yet gives off a retro-glam vibe!

Texturized Root-Tip Curls. Create an intentional dimension by curling hair with a wand, iron, or straightener from the root down. Texturize your strands to prevent locks from becoming flat!

Textured Chignon. Add a modern twist to the traditional chignon to make this low bun perfect for professional or casual meetings! Play around with curls and texture, sleek or messy to achieve a root-disguising style with little effort.

Transitioning Lengths
Curly on Top. If you're transitioning from a short style, such as a pixie cut, you know there are a lot of layers that are going to come into play. Be playful! Add curls to the top, long layers and use smoothing products to avoid any side poof that can occur as the bottom layers grow out.

Small Braids. Braids are a great way to keep hair out of your face, especially as the weather warms up. Create tight Dutch-style braids and secure with an elastic, to create an appearance of fuller hair, you can then fan the braid strands creating a pancake-style braid!

Half Up-Dos. If your go-to style is a bob, you know the risk of growing out the style is the mushroom look. Easily avoid the extra bulk on the bottom by playing around with different half up-dos. Adding a top-knot, French braids, or crown braids give a polished look with little effort!

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