At Ginger Bay we value the time you spend with us to renew your mind, body and spirit. We provide an array of massage therapies, each of which are customized to tend to the individual needs of our guests with each visit. All massages begin with a thorough consultation and Aveda Aroma Sensory Journey to customize the aroma used throughout your experience. We also provide service amenities, which include heated beds and complete body bolsters for guest comfort throughout the service. During most services, therapists use warm steam towels for deep muscle relaxation as well as heated body pillows on the neck and back. Please inform us when reserving your service if you prefer a male or female therapist. If you are pregnant, please inform us upon making your reservation, approval from your physician is suggested. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time to change into a robe and spa shoes and complete our service consultation form. 

To achieve the maximum benefits of massage we offer the following:

Series Package of four of the same service treatments at a savings of 12%
Series Package of seven of the same service treatments at a savings of 15%
Standing appointments to ensure preferred date, time and technician.



Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage treatment. After a thorough consultation, your massage therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and massage techniques. All massages include the use of warm Mother Earth pillows. (kw) (t&c)


swedish 30 min $72+

swedish 45 min $82+

swedish 60 min $92+

swedish 75 min $107+

swedish 90 min $127+


Deep Tissue 60 min $105+

Deep Tissue 75 min $120+

Deep Tissue 90 min $140+



cupping treatment massage 85 min $165+

Our full body cupping experience for anyone looking for the ultimate deep tissue massage.

Cupping is a therapeutic massage treatment ideal for chronic pain, inflammation, blood circulation, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

During a cupping massage, therapeutic cups are placed on parts of the body to create a vacuum so that the pressure draws blood to the affected area and stimulates the natural healing process. When added to a massage service, cupping makes it easier for the therapist to find and release muscle tightness and tension. Cupping is an ancient and proven therapy. It recently gained popularity after some US Olympic athletes promoted cupping therapy as part of their post workout routine to aid in muscle repair and recovery. Best results occur if received in a series. 

Cupping is very relaxing and generally not painful. Redness or a feeling of warmth is usually experienced after the release of the cup due to increased blood flow to the area. Mild soreness is to be expected from the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle tissue. Some guests may experience temporary skin discoloration or bruising. Physical exertion and heat are not recommended after the treatment.

Wellness Massage 85 min $165+

This earthy massage layers heat and botanically infused products to help reduce pain, inflammation and sore muscles. This full body massage treatment includes Mother Earth Pillow compression, heated stones, and hot towels. During this treatment you will also experience guided stretching and a lively percussive tapping technique to facilitate toxin release from the tissues and increase blood circulation and joint mobility..

pregnancy massage 60 min $92+

pregnancy massage 75 min $107+

This therapeutic massage features customized techniques using our body cushion to increase energy, improve circulation & reduce weight-bearing stress on the joints. Designed for pregnant women 12 weeks to term. This massage is not suitable for high risk pregnancies. (kw) (t&c)

Headache massage 20 min $50+

Reduce tension & stress from the muscles in the head, neck & upper back/shoulder region with symptom specific techniques. (kw) (t&c)

Thai yoga massage 75 min $105+

Similar to yoga without any effort. Your therapist will push your body into various positions without any work on your part. Thai massage is performed fully clothed though not recommended for first-time spa-goers. The therapist uses his or her whole body including the feet to stretch and move your body into various positions. (kw) (t&c)

Tandem massage 75 min $165+

Drift into serenity and indulge in this ultimate experience as two therapists artfully blend massage techniques in rhythmic synchronicity. This unique session is completed with an aromatherapy hot towel wrap. (kw) 

Lomi Lomi massage 60 min $100+

Lomi Lomi massage 75 min $120+

Traditional Hawaiian massage that is gentle yet deep with long, full body strokes. Therapists use forearms and hands in order to soften tension and improve the flow of energy. Service is complimented with Hawaiian music.  (kw) (t&c) 

Tandem Lomi Lomi massage 60 min $155+

This traditional Hawaiian massage features two massage therapists artfully blending his/her techniques in rhythmic synchronicity for an ultimate oasis retreat.  (kw)

Lastone Thermotherapy 85 min $130+

This deeply relaxing massage treatment utilizes a collection of smooth surfaced stones combining Swedish massage and energy balancing. Heated, oiled stones are used to massage deeply into the muscles and tissues. Ice cooled marble stones invigorate and improve circulation. A massage experience unlike any other. (kw) (t&c)

Reflexology 30 min $55+

This customized service is designed to balance the body and work the reflexes to reduce tension, improve blood supply and nerve functioning. A great experience on its own or added to any of our massage services. (kw) (t&c)

Shiatsu Express 30 min $45+

Shiatsu full body treatment 60 min $65+

Stimulate the body’s power to heal and prevent disease with this Japanese acupressure session. Helps relieve muscle stiffness, aid proper digestion and stimulate circulation. Comfortable clothing recommended. (kw) (t&c)



Select one or more of the following enhancements to accompany your massage service.*

Cupping Treatment Add-On $20+

This treatment is a great introduction to cupping therapy as an enhancement to your scheduled massage service.

Wellness Treatment Add-On $20+

Layers of heat and botanically infused products are used in combination with a variety of massage techniques to help relieve sore muscles, pain and stiffness. Clients may select one area to concentrate this enhancement (example, lower back or neck and shoulders, etc)

Stone Treatment $15+

Heated stones are incorporated into the massage session to increase circulation, warmth, balance the mind & body and induce deeper relaxation.   (kw) (t&c)

Earth & Air Treatment $25+

Combines the use of heated stones and cupping techniques designed to relax and soothe tired back muscles and promote healing and relaxation. (kw)

Stress-fix™ Back Treatment $15+

Stress–Fix™ Soaking Salts cleanse and improve skin in a warm, exfoliating back scrub, followed by hot stones and Stress–Fix™ Body Lotion for long lasting hydration.  (kw) (t&c)

Balancing Leg Refresher $15+

Ease tired, aching legs with peppermint & chamomile.  Aveda Blue Oil is massaged into the leg muscles & followed with compressed hot towels to activate a refreshing & calming response. (kw) (t&c)

Organic Hydrating treatment For Hands/Feet $15+ for each or $20+ for both

Treat some of the hardest working body parts to warmth, hydration, and softness. This experience includes a hydrating masque application followed by warm towels and massage. (kw) (t&c)

Cherry Almond Foot Treatment $15+

This treatment includes a foot exfoliation with the Cherry Almond Polish followed by an application of the C.A. lotion and a warm towel wrap to soften and hydrate the feet.

Aveda Arome Scalp Massage $20+

A mixture of massage techniques and acupressure while using an Aveda Composition Oil and hot towel for additional 15 minutes. (kw) (t&c)


*Options may be limited to certain services.

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