All hair removal services include a complimentary consultation so you feel comfortable with the procedure. Hair must be at least ¼” long or have 2 weeks growth to be waxed away effectively. Please notify us of any prescription medications you are taking and avoid sun exposure 24 hours before or after services. We use two different kinds of wax to customize your service. We select the wax that is best for you to eliminate regrowth, reduce sensitivity, redness and inflammation and eliminate ingrown hairs. Our wax is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Skin remains hair-free up to 3 weeks.

Full Leg (without Bikini) $82+

Brazilian $60+

Complete Brazilian $78+

Upper Leg $55+

Lower Leg/Knee $55+

Bikini $40+

Full Arm $55+

Back $65+

Chest $54+

Underarm or Forearm $30+

Eyebrow Shape $24+

Eyebrow & Lip Wax $42+

Lip & Chin Wax $36+

Chin & Neck Wax $24+

Lip or Chin or Toes $18+

Neck $20+

Eyebrow Shape & Tint $41+

Facial $45+

Nose $16+

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